Ilokano designers showcase ‘inabel’ creations at Miss Ilocos Norte 2024 preliminaries

Published on: May 17, 2024By: Janna Butay, PGIN-CMO Intern

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte organized the Inabel Designer Showcase where Ilokano designers exhibited their garments worn by Miss Ilocos Norte 2024 candidates as part of the preliminaries of the pageant at the Balai San Nicolas on May 15.

23 designers re-imagined the Philippine Kimona using inabel textiles and incorporating the rich cultural heritage of the province in their creative designs.

Mr. Xavier R. Ruiz, Officer-in-Charge of the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office noted the importance of continuously conducting the fashion show for Ilokano designers, stating:

“It’s our way of supporting our creatives, in this case those who belong to fashion and dressmaking, but more importantly it’s preserving the art of taking our traditional garments or attires. This has always been a popular activity under Miss Ilocos Norte and because of this activity we were able to discover new talents in this phase and it’s been growing over the years.”

Among the designs flaunted by the candidates, three (3) winners were chosen. Third place was awarded to Bryan Macayanan, who showcased the intricate embroidery of clay pots in a modern and artistic fashion which was worn by Miss San Nicolas. The second spot went to Brad Shilver, who elevated the traditional kimona with a hand-painted bougainvillea design, worn by Miss Badoc. The first place was garnered by Almario Cacnio, who crafted a sheer kimono, accented with a bib and partnered with alampay with a binakol design. It showcased an A-line skirt with a cut showing the enaguas, worn by Miss Nueva Era.  

Meanwhile, Mr. Ruiz emphasized that the said event is specifically hosted for the Ilokano Designers and will not impact the ranking of the candidates. 

“We have continued to do this not just for Miss Ilocos Norte, but because technically, this competition is not judged as part of Miss Ilocos Norte, it is judged on its own as a design activity.”

“The main goal of this activity is the preservation and continuity of making and using our traditional clothing. It’s more than tourism, it’s more of a preservation of our culture,“ he added. 

More than just a pageant, Miss Ilocos Norte has evolved into a platform where the creativity of Ilokano designers flourish and gain recognition. It reassures them that their passion and skills are valued and have a significant place in the province. 

Their designs will be worn publicly during the coronation night on May 18 at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena.